May 13, 2017 - 8:00 pm

Karen Savoca with Pete Heitzman

Born in northern NJ, the daughter of a big band singer, Karen Savoca's baby diary reads "20 months, knows 6 songs." She grew up singing, dancing and harmonizing around a piano, and by the age of five she was emceeing the school play.

Savoca puts her heart into a song the way a great actor throws herself into a role, charming audiences with a supple alto and a boundless range of expression. A gifted songwriter, she draws you into her world of humor and compassion, telling stories with grace and ease, as though you've been invited to her table for supper.

    "If she were a Native American, her name would be Sings Like Two Birds." -Greg Brown

She first met Pete Heitzman at a jam session and found an ideal musical partner. An Alaskan reviewer dubbed him "the aurora borealis of guitar."

    "A true virtuoso of groove, Heitzman has a sly touch that, combined with Savoca's in-the-pocket drumming and spectacularly soulful vocals, gives the duo the impact of a four-piece band." -Acoustic Guitar Magazine

    "Electrifying, unique and always uplifting, these improvisational performers have the fearlessness of a high wire act working without a net." -Six String, Columbus, OH

    "There's soul in the delicious grooves and phrasing, and soul in the broader spiritual sense that floats out in her lyrical vision."  -The Edmonton Journal

    "Cleverly written and embracingly beautiful songs that have a beguiling way of changing and reconfiguring themselves like an aural kaleidoscope." -Duluth News Tribune

    "Sparkling arrangements... joyous abandon ." -Dirty Linen

Karen and Pete are the winners of seven SAMMY Awards. Notable appearances include The Today Show, A Prairie Home Companion, Mountain Stage, Big Top Chautauqua, The Vancouver, Edmonton & Winnipeg Folk Festivals. They are also independent record producers who have scored several feature films and documentaries.

Doors open at 7:30 pm
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