Beaucoup Blue

Father-son team David and Adrian Mowry comprise the Philadelphia-based roots revivalist band Beaucoup Blue that features a mix of blues/roots originals by both Mowrys as well as choice covers. Young Adrian plays six- and 12-string guitar; — long-experienced blues master David handles six-string, slide and dobro guitar, and both men share vocal and songwriting duties.

Beaucoup Blue has a heavy blues influence, but although blues is a staple in their repertoire, they base their love in music from folk, soul, r&b, jazz, country and bluegrass. All these interests and influences come out in their original song-writing in a unique way. A handsome range of instruments like six and twelve string guitars, slide guitar, round neck resonator guitar, combined with two soulful voices, encompasses a rich and honest feel, noticeably influenced by familial ties. Their voices work superbly together with something to say from the bottom of their hearts.

This duo has been challenging audiences with their blend of new and experienced talents, and their performance here on this exciting evening will not disappoint ... their rousing blues and subtle ballads covers a wide range of roots music which will bring an audience to cheer.

Doors open at 7:30 pm
$22 in advance : Buy Online
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