Delta Sierra

Grown-Up Situations is the debut full length from Upstate New York rock band Delta Sierra.  Written and arranged over the winter of 2017, Grown-Up Situations is a song cycle about getting older and trying to stay connected in increasingly turbulent and isolated times.  Recorded live to tape by legendary recording engineer Steve Albini, the songs are unrelenting, heavy and patient with dark introspective lyrics laid bare by raw vocal performances over simple powerful arrangements. Delta Sierra has drawn immediate comparisons to Ditch Trilogy-era Neil Young and Magnolia Electric Co, possessing the kinetic energy of a band continually discovering and reinventing themselves.

Perhaps nowhere is this burning energy of discovery more present than on lead single "Plain Sight" which was recorded in one take on the second morning of the three day recording session. The song itself attempts to deconstruct the idea of legacy and lays the foundation for many of the themes found on the record

Delta Sierra will be touring behind the record over the winter starting with three special nights to support the release in the communities they all call home these include:
Saturday, November 17th at Olives in Nyack, NY
Friday, November 23rd at The Nelson Odeon in Nelson, NY
Saturday, November 24th at the Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts in Trumansburg, NY

Doors open at 7:00 pm
$10 in advance : Buy Online
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