Jack Grace Band

Jack Grace just doesn’t fit in. Jerry Lee Lewis once remarked, “He’s like that Cash kid, but good,” yet Jack also plays enough rock and throws in original Bossa numbers to add to the confusion. He has spent more time on the road than off it since 1992.

In 2014, Jack decided it was time to try a different approach to making his next record. He met up for coffee with Eric Ambel (Steve Earle, Joan Jett) and played some demos. Eric agreed to produce the project. Jack had written about 20 new songs, and several of them would not fit easily into his flamboyant live performance style. But Jack relinquished control, and Eric would decide which numbers would make the cut. Eric wanted a cohesive album, rejecting Latin songs along with several humorous offerings. It got a bit heated, “Damn it Jack, not every song needs to be funny, you have more going on than that!” Eric exclaimed. Jack gave in and the excitement of something new began to take shape. Eric played a beautifully epic guitar solo on Jack’s “Get Into Brooklyn” and Norah Jones dropped by to sing on a couple of tracks. Everyone left the sessions satisfied and inspired by what had taken place.

In the summer of 2016, he by chance ran into Norah and her band at the airport. They sat down and had a beer, and at one point, “Everything I Say Is A Lie” came up. When the band asked how the album was doing, Jack just shrugged and said,”I haven’t put it out yet.” Norah leaned in and incredulously asked, “Jack, what the hell!?”

The album was recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Cowboy Technical Services. Jack Grace wrote the songs primarily on his 1947 Gibson LG-2 signed by Merle Haggard, Doc Watson and Charlie Louvin (all of whom Jack has played with). Eric Ambel and Jack Grace share guitar duties. It is definitely a recording that emphasizes guitar tone. Daria Grace plays a 1956 Kay electric bass and sings. Diego Voglino and Russ Meissner play drums, Bill Malchow sent in the piano and keyboard parts from New Orleans. Norah Jones and Lee Falco sing additional vocals.

Doors open at 7:00 pm
$20 in advance : Buy Online
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