Josh Harty, John Cadley, Cathy Wenthen

The returns of Josh Harty and Cathy and John to the Odeon Stage.

Josh Harty: Those fortunate to catch his fantastic set and playing with folk legend Peter Mulvey on the Odeon stage last spring need no introduction to this dynamic singer/songwriter/performer. A third generation of musicians out of the Dakotas, Josh Harty is never far from his roots but always inventing new ways to honor the old. His latest solo project, "A Long List of Lies" (Magnolia Recording Co.) shows it and has garnered a fast following. The eleven tracks are as authentic as American music gets. Maybe that's why "A Long List of Lies" debuted at #8 on the European Americana chart. These days the 33-year-old Madison-based artist writes and performs mostly solo but has a knack for surrounding himself with some of the best musicians in the Midwest for his recordings. Still, these are Harty's songs all the way. "A Long List of Lies" was produced, recorded and mastered in Madison's Smart Studios. The project captures Harty's clean guitar attack, a finger style that glistens with a razor's edge. Every track is filled with the honesty of an artist who's in it for the long haul, who's writing music that channels his past while re- setting the present for what's affectionately called alt-country in the U.S.A.

John Cadley & Cathy Wenthen: Much like Josh, those who catched their nearly sold-out show at the Odeon last year witnessed what happens when local talent combines to make the whole larger than the sum of their parts. 

John and Cathy have each been playing music in the Syracuse area for many years, and have recently combined their talents into a “new acoustic” duo featuring smooth duet harmonies supported by guitars, mandolin, and banjo. Their music includes everything from bluegrass standard such as "Blue and Lonesome," classic folk songs like “The Water Is Wide,” to the new acoustic sounds of Alison Krauss, Nancy Griffith, Leonard Cohen, Emmylou Harris… all the way to fresh, original versions of Beatles tunes like “Yesterday” and “I Will.” Together, they present a highly enjoyable listening experience for audiences of all ages. Both have been touring both separately in their own projects and coming together to perform fantastic shows around the region, don't miss this very special night of talent that only comes from such a warm little venue such as the Odeon.


Doors open at 7:30 pm
$15 in advance : Buy Online
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Josh Harty

John Cadley and Cathy Wenthen