Karen Savoca & Pete Heitzman

Karen Savoca's baby diary reads, "20 months, knows six songs." Born in northern NJ, daughter of a big band singer, her mother was not at all surprised to find her constantly dancing and singing. Karen studied piano at the age of eight, and at thirteen cracked her piggy bank to buy a guitar. 

"A voice with this much strength and easy confidence is a rare find. But that's not where Savoca's talents end. Her songs are filled with good humor, sensuality, and nature's simple pleasures. She can work a sly smile into a lyric that makes you smile in spite of yourself. Open up and let her in." - All Music Guide 

Acoustic Guitar magazine calls Pete Heitzman "A true virtuoso of groove, with a sly touch that, combined with Savoca's in-the-pocket drumming and spectacularly soulful vocals, gives the duo the impact of a four-piece band." 

Having performed together for decades, Savoca and Heitzman's chemistry leaves audiences uplifted, wowing 10,000 from a festival main stage as effortlessly as they charm an intimate black box theater. 

“Grit and sensitivity, percussion and groove, spanning soul, blues, R&B, roots and world rhythms like a high wire act working without a net.” - Six String, Columbus, OH 

Savoca’s eighth release I Shook The Tree (2016) explores the mysterious rooms of the heart through tales of love, betrayal and rebirth. It was recorded in their 1896 renovated church and features legendary bassist Jerry Jemmott (Aretha Franklin, BB King, Greg Allman). The Edmonton Journal says, "There's soul in the delicious grooves and phrasing, and soul in the broader sense that floats out of her lyrical vision." 

"Embracingly beautiful songs that have a beguiling way of changing and reconfiguring themselves like an aural kaleidoscope." - Duluth News Tribune 

The duo have produced two albums for Americana icon, Greg Brown, who says, "If she were a Native American, her name would be Sings Like Two Birds." They have accompanied Greg on hundreds of shows. 

Karen and Pete have garnered eight SAMMY awards, including The Hall Of Fame, and are independent record producers and film scorers.

Doors open at 7:00 pm
$23 in advance : Buy Online
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