Leo Crandall

This event celebrates the CD and Vinyl release of Leo Crandall's new album,Unknowable and Stunning Things. Leo will be joined by both his collaborator Hymie Witthoft and a number of special guests who appear on the record as well as members of the Gonstermachers. There  will be limited edition letterpress copies of the lyric book as well as hand numbered etchings of the cover art available for the first time.

Leo Crandall is a songwriter, musician, poet, filmmaker, and artist. He performs on requinto, cello, baritone guitar, mandocello, dutar, ukulele, and guitar .He has toured Senegal, sponsored by the US Embassy, and performed in Haiti. His songs get airplay in the US, Europe, and Australia, where he has been nominated for the Bluestar Award and charted #14 nationally in the Roots and Blues category.

Crandall has been the recipient of a Meet the Composer Grant and garnered many commissions. He has composed film scores, dance scores, music for theater, and soundscapes for visual arts exhibits. These have been heard internationally in Scotland, Canada, Spain, Italy, South America, and beyond. 

As an artist/filmmaker/composer his work has been exhibited at the Everson Museum of Art, Alfred University, Pyramid Art Gallery, Spark Gallery, Syracuse University, Lemoyne College, State University of New York, and Cazenovia College.

More recently his work has appeared in the Wave Audio Visual Show in Venice, the Denver Underground Film Festival, the Cocoa Datei International Festival in Buenos Aires, and the Mark Morris Student Company in Brooklyn.

He is both a solo artist and the lead singer and songwriter for the Gonstermachers.

"Crandall's themes usually deal in some way with transcendence. {His music} only asks that you let it transport you, which it does- with strange, old rooted, sepia toned, sometimes bewildering majesty." - Nathan Turk, Syracuse New Times

Doors open at 7:00 pm
$20 in advance : Buy Online
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