Miss Tess & The Talkbacks

The Brooklyn-based singer and her band make grooving modern vintage music that nods to the traditions of saloon jazz, country swing, early rockabilly, and New Orleans second line, yet somehow maintains a unique and personal sound. Miss Tess & The Talkbacks have just released The Love I Have For You, their second on rootsy label Signature Sounds (Lake Street Dive, Eilen Jewell, Chris Smither, Erin McKeown). The 7-song album features six covers and one new original and pays homage to some of Tess’s favorite singers and songwriters including Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young, Ted Hawkins, Randy Newman, and Hank Williams. Tess explains how the band chose the 6 songs to cover: “Each artist we covered has held a special place in the history of our lives, as well as in the history of American music. These folks are all musical giants who dedicated their lives to music, and for that I hold them in the highest esteem.”

“She's swung sweetly with a gentle sepia coo for so long that all the antiquity is washed away. Though this Big Apple chanteuse's sound is that of Tin Pan Alley on a Saturday night, it's not a borrowed aesthetic from long ago — it's her sound. She owns it. Miss Tess ably chops though the jazzy changes and sings stunningly behind the beat as her new outfit, The Talkbacks, provide a sensational groove to the sashay.”  -Frank DeBlase - Rochester City Newspaper

Doors open at 7:30 pm
$20 in advance : Buy Online
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