The Wiyos

The Wiyos play and compose Old-Timey American music inspired by the early American musical idioms of the 1920s and '30s. Gleefully subverting genre distinctions, their music comes from a time before there was a separation of blues from country, ragtime from gospel, and swing from hillbilly.

"The Wiyos, a Brooklyn-Based Trio named after one of New York City's toughest old-time street gangs, draw on rural blues, ragtime, spirituals and Appalachian jug-band music of the nineteen twenties and thirties. The group brings exuberance and intensity to these vintage styles, and its performances are layered with vaudevillian stage antics reminiscent of such mavericks as Uncle Dave Macon." —The New Yorker

With an instrumentation of washboard/harmonica/kazoo, resonator guitar/banjo, upright bass and three harmony vocals, The Wiyos' live performance transports audiences back to an era before TV and mass-media were the main sources of entertainment. Their sound is reminiscent of days-gone-by when live bands could be heard both on the radio and at community dances, juke joints, and house parties. With infectious exuberance and theatrical skill, they create a visual spectacle in the tradition of vaudeville-esque performers such as Fats Waller, the Hoosier Hotshots and Uncle Dave Macon. Their on-stage physical comedy recalls the silent films of Laurel & Hardy, Keaton and Chaplin.

The Wiyos unique charisma transcends typical social boundaries. They appeal to everyone from hipsters to seasoned music connoisseurs, from children to bikers. Everywhere they play, The Wiyos charm and amuse audiences with their exuberant style of old-timey music, passionately carrying this rich musical heritage into the 21st century.

"Every song elicited whoops and hollers and cheers from the audience, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves from start to finish. Their in-between song patter was funny, their hat juggling accomplished, but most of all their musicianship was outstanding. If you like the Old Crow Medicine Show, Hot Club of Cowtown and great entertainment, you'll love these guys!" —Barry Jones, Americana, UK

We love them and are so glad when they come back.

Doors open at 7:30 pm
$22 in advance : Buy Online
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