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Music that's Stuck in the Truck

This month's CD that seems to be stuck in the truck's CD player is Elton John's 1970 recording, "Tumbleweed Connection". All songs were written by John and Bernie Taupin with the exception of "Love Song" by Leslie Duncan. It is actually a concept album based on country & western / Americana themes although the cover art was shot at Horsted Keynes railway station in Sussex County, England. I originally purchased this LP late in 1971 and then purchased the CD released by MCA Records sometime in the 1990's. The CD just sounds grand and that may be due in part to the disclaimer on the back cover:
"This compact disc contains program transferred from analog tape and therefore may contain some tape hiss and other anomalies that exist with analog recording."

Guess that's why this CD seems to be stuck in the truck.   9/1/2019